Six Laws of Manhood That Everyone Should Live By

I. Harness the power of mediocrity

II Be honest to the person who counts

III Give respect even if it doesn’t serve you

IV Know when it’s time to fight back

V Have the audacity to be humble

VI Be kind to those you can’t see

  1. Have the courage to live as an underdog and keep fighting.
  2. Say the hard truth to a friend’s face, and good things when he’s not around.
  3. Treat women with the respect you’d give a family member.
  4. Know when its time to fight back. Bullies don’t go away on their own.
  5. Treat the janitor as you’d treat the CEO.
  6. Don’t be a Mr. Badass on the internet. It reeks of cowardice.

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Thanks to Michael Thompson and Melissa Berdine.



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